This testimonial is for my beloved mentor Mark Hamilton….

My whole family, my wife, my two sons, my two twin daughters, and myself. we’re deeply grateful with you Mark. In the beginning we fought with our hereditary patterns, our social believes, but thanks to you your LECTURING S we’re different, Neothink Society is our new family is the new world I die for IT.

Twelve Visions World means freedom wealth including the poor!! this is worthy to fight for Twelve Visions Party and the Neothink Society is the beginning of the new mentality what a wonderful.

When the darkness appears, and the night draws near, and the day is past and gone. at the RIVER I stand SWEET NEOTHINK guide my feet!! Hold my hand Sweet Neothink and lead me HOME to the new WORLD!!!!HEAR MY CRY, HEAR MY CALL sweet Society I implore you lead me HOME.

Is time to stand up from the sidelines and fight for our BIRTHRIGHTS Mr. Mark thank you, thank you, thank you

We love you Mike C.

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