There was no income tax before 1945

There was no income tax before 1945. We were once in the black now we are in the red. We are now in debt up to our eyeballs. I believe with all my heart that the TVP is the answer. Just imagine for a minute that jobs are being created many by the day people are working. If you have the dream to be in your own business you could do that. Imagine in a TVP world where you could do all of this . Create a business that you could pass on to your own children. What a wonderful place. Now lets come back to reality for a split second. You work like a dog to give your dream to your children so they could share your dream and pass to there children. You pass. Now your children have to pay the taxes on that business. They have to sell that security that you have created for them in order pay the taxes. It is no longer a dream but a nightmare. I would much rather have the TVP dream myself. The possibilities are endless.

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