There is no stopping this bell once it’s rung

There is no stopping this bell once it’s rung, … very soon ~ by the honest Geniuses of society! Get ready, … fast! For they have vowed not to wait any longer for their right to EARN everything they ever wanted, unhindered from now on.

Feel it? All around us throughout society, life seems suspended ~ as if about to ‘snap’ awake as freedom asserts itself! Everything you ever wanted to earn for yourself, way back when you were 10 yrs old, but has been restrained from you by whatever force, threat, or coercion ~ is now about to become yours!
Am I going to be swept off my feet by suddenly having everything? Thanks to the Neothink Warriors & various Twelve Visions Party mentor programs, every well-coached citizen can soon get prepared to accept unhindered responsibility for the self-led life of theirs and their children’s unhindered dreams.
Thank you Mark Hamilton; your beloved work is simply unparalleled.

Thank you TVP; your passionate mentorship work, albeit just begun, is already unparalleled.

Thank you Warriors, for the brotherly love we all share permanently for ‘Life-Indeed,’ without timidity.
~Whade T.

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