There has always been a knowingness inside of me that their must be …

There has always been a knowingness inside of me that their must be something more to life than what I had become (i.e., another statistic in a society that dictates who we are through media, religion, peers and our parents’ impression on us in our early years).

Ever since I was young child, I felt there was a unique specialness about me and what I was meant to do with my life, but as the years past I felt as though I was disconnected from it. It was almost as though I was cursed.

As I grew older, I allowed myself to be sucked into the illusion of a lower suppressed class, which reflected the pictures of my childhood growing up living in poverty with a welfare mentality. I can recall making so many vows that I’d never be in the same position as my mother who struggled to raise me and my siblings in a low standard of living. I was determined to give my children the life I had always dreamed.

So why in my late twenties I had two children and one on the way with little self-esteem and become more depressed with no path for a way out? I began questioning myself and God, “Why have I become the reflection of my mother? Am I doing my best? Well, my best is just not good enough!”

Then one lovely afternoon I went to get the mail. What I was about to receive would change my life forever! I remember the envelope so well. It was white with a red and blue border. As I read the letter inviting me to join the Neothink Society I began feeling alive again. I felt feelings of hope and joy pouring into my every being.

They were talking about me!  Reigniting the “child of the past”.  I’d never heard those words before, yet they were music to my ears.

“This letter is address me? I can reconnect with my true self? My child of the past?”

This was a new look into my promising future. Soon I began burning with a strong desire to get in touch with the person I was meant to be, living the life I was meant to live.

As I started reading the Neothink literature, I felt a tingling session come over me, because I knew that this literature was exactly what I needed to lift me up out of stagnation and into a life of growing exhilaration. As I read on, parts of me that I forgot were buried came to life again.

One of the first lessons (i.e., being loyal to honesty at all costs) still to this day was one of the most meaningful and important lessons I have ever learned. I have always considered myself an honest person, however, as I re-examined the value destruction of a little “white lie”, I began to realize that I wasn’t that honest after all.

I learned that being honest at all costs and looking for the widest-scope perspective in situations would give me life advantages that others around me didn’t seem to have. Gaining this understanding through Mark Hamilton’s Neothink literature is what disciplined me and helped me muster the internal strength to practice loyalty to honesty.

With this new awareness I began piercing through lies that were deeply embedded within myself and throughout the world we live in. This was the first major stepping stone toward my adoption of an entirely new way of living and thinking that Mark Hamilton introduced to me as Neothink.

For over six years  now, I have been applied this new way of using the mind in my own life. Neothink has allowed me to experience the impossible dream and achieve the heights of happiness that I would have never obtained without this breakthrough.

Using my new mind power I am able to move past the illusions that strip away the power of most entertainers and resign into the hands of a few elite power brokers. Through Neothink I’ve gained the confidence to build my career as an independent artist. Today I am performing in the most opulent venues and inspiring audiences of thousands of fans with my breakthrough Neothink music.

As far as the benefits of the Neothink Society as a whole, it’s been a priceless value to me. I have built relationships with people that I never knew from all over the world who have become some of the meaningful and supportive family I never had. Without our common bond in the Neothink Society I could have never achieved that.

Thank you Mark Hamilton. I have so much honor, love, and respect for the brilliant literature that you have given to our world and for bringing us all together into a safe haven where we can experience this amazing life-long journey together into a civilized universe.

This is my story and your life can transform just as mine has, but don’t take it from me. Be a self-leader and read the Neothink literature for yourself. May your life never be the same dictated route-rut ever again.
See you inside,
Mohanna B.

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