Then examine the literature of Mark Hamilton

Computers are wonderful technological machines that can serve as very useful tools for us.  Among their attributes are: receiving, calculating, storing, and retrieving data, encryption & decryption, messaging, and the like.  Who among us though, would enjoy being thought of, or treated as, a computer?  Ask yourself: “Am I a computer?”  Or on the contrary, “Am I an intelligent, sentient, creative, self-reliant, and capable individual?”
A computer is a machine that manipulates data according to a set of instructions – the lists of such instructions being called “programs.”   A computer has no free will.  It is told precisely what to do and how and when to do it.  It is programmed by the programmer and must carry out that programming.  The way I see it, our current government and political structure have grown into over-powering, monster-sized programmers that have turned many of us into machines and taken control of 1) our individual internal hard drives (our minds) through use of their propaganda and their stronghold over the media, and 2) our individual external hardware (our bodies, physical selves) by regulating every aspect of our daily lives, right down to the fine minutia…and doing so, not for our benefit (as they would have us believe), but for completing their own power-hungry and greedy agendas.  
Control of the various forms of media results in controlling “which” versions of truth we really are exposed to and what our minds get to take in – the programmer’s (government’s) “software” versions.   Much of our citizenry have been turned into machines that accept what is fed into them – including the idea that they, like computers, must accept things because there really is no escape from the programmer and besides, they can’t really work things out for themselves.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we the citizenry can’t spell out any of the “text” for ourselves unless we live by the computer binary code of 1s and 0s – the Republican and Democratic parties!   
If you do not fit the above description of a computer and you know that you are an individual with inherent freedoms as your rights, then examine the literature of Mark Hamilton and of the political party that he created – the Twelve Visions Party.  His guidelines are not for controlling his fellow countrymen and -women, but are for helping all to think for themselves and build an honest, unified, functional government and country that is once again truly of, by, and for The People.  
The Twelve Visions Party should be nurtured, supported and protected by us because it truly represents us and our visions of the future that will make us free and prosperous again.  It holds the viable promise of a future that any and all of us would want for our children.  No coercion, no manipulation, no threat of hellfire and damnation…just building value creations and living in peace, unity, health and prosperity…real happiness….
Liz S., N.Y.

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