I came from a place of darkness, within state of confusion, and surrounded by negative energy. I was basically dying slowly inside and out… at the ripe age of 30 years old. My life needed change and I did not know how to go about it. When I first fixed my eyes on reading Mark Hamilton’s’ literature, I knew it would spark a change in my life. Since then I became a better mother to my children. I became more productive at work and a greater asset to my employer…literally earning my paycheck. I became more honest with myself and everyone around me. I became more aware of my surroundings and could clearly see how what I do/think literally affects others’ lives. I quit smoking “cold turkey”. My skin cleared up and my body became more shapely. Everyone in my life noticed the positive changes right away. Because we are all creatures of habit; I did stray from what I learned in the heirloom packages and when I did… thoughts and actions once again resorted back to that negative place. I would fall into a state of confusion and my life would get increasingly difficult by the day. I even picked up smoking again. However with Mark Hamilton’s’ literature in my possession, I am now and forever will be…well equipped with the tools to overcome any addiction or harmful habits I have accrued over the years in my dying state. I know now more than ever I will never stray again. The Neothink package speaks truth because it comes from a place of complete honesty. I NEED Neothink!!! YOU need Neothink!!! THE WORLD NEEDS NEOTHINK!!! I physically feel empowered when reading Mark Hamilton’s’ words, and without a doubt you will too. I DARE you, matter of fact I BEG of you to read it.
I have to admit, my first impression was not very good and after a billing error I thought this was some sort of scam. Well, I was out the money so I started to read the first heirloom package, then the second and third. My world became measurably different in numerous positive ways. From personal bankruptcy in 1994 to four time president of our State accounting association, legislative co-chairman of the National Society of Accountants State Regulation and Oversight Committee and owner operator of a multi-million dollar franchise business in just a few short years I am becoming the man I was meant to be. I now regularly win national growth awards with innovative products and services and serve on a committee of fifteen that represents a franchisee system preparing nearly 3 million tax returns! Mark Hamilton does not stop there. He gets to the core or “essence” of what is and in understanding this essence I am able to see through non-sequesters to the true meaning of things. This alone has resulted in saving my marriage and given me a deeper sense of love for my wife and family. Mark’s ongoing meetings help me to expand my understanding of “neothink” and its principles to better apply myself each and every day. I love getting up in the morning, I love going to work, meeting with my clients and creating values that better their lives as well.

I see things very differently today but I admit to being a neophyte in this wonderful new world. I am free of illusion that enslaves the masses to systems of entitlement and servitude. I saw great injustices in a local school system and despite my busy schedule I ran for the Board of Education. It took a tough loss to realize that sometimes people know what is best but cannot move against the safer, easier convention belief. In other words, it is safer to lose. I on the other hand, do not lose well, I have created a system to cut school budgets in my area dramatically and simultaneously increase the quality of education. The concept may have seemed hair-brained at its onset but now after several credible activist groups, even government agencies and non-profit foundations have confirmed my findings, the concept gains traction.

Neothinkers are dangerous only to those who seek to embolden themselves and their authority not through attained values but by usurping that which they have not earned. For one, I am more successful, more in love, and enjoying my children far more today with the path I have chosen and the guidance Mark Hamilton provides. I do more, give more to charity (100 times more than our President) and live better. I cannot wait for tomorrow. I cannot wait for an endless stream of tomorrows.

Most sincerely,
Michael A. C.

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