The Twelve Visions Political Party will give us this…

I am working on change!The Twelve
Visions Political Party will give us this change, every American wants for themsevlves and their children.
The American people want better for themselves and their children.
We are all working on change of American and the world, in our large and small ways. I, being a part of SOS and GIN, know what is going to manifest, and I help to spread the words of change, to other people. Most people embrace now the changes coming, and want to help bring the changes faster to the world.
I also want changes faster, to live in
Hamilton- American and prosper now, and especially when these changes are here!
We all do our part,to spread the how
these changes will affect our daily lives.
The Twelve Visions Political Party,
Make all people rich even the poor, says it all!
Lets make this a reality for the now of people’s lives.
I see to many people living on the edge, and to many others living in wealth and not sharing their wealth with the masses in America. I do not mean free hand outs, I mean change from within, our political parties not in touch with the average citizen. They do not know or see these average people, or feel their pain, and courage to get through each day, but these people are blessed and do get through each day, with their strength that comes from God! I feel their pain and know that American will be better for all People, very soon.

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