The Twelve Visions Party becomes a national success

I have read a portion of your first manuscript “Package of Inside Secrets” and found it to be thought provoking.

I did not send away for your second heirloom package so I can’t comment on it.

However, I did order the third package, the very large 3-part volume titled “Miss Annabelle’s Secrets” and did read that massive volume cover to cover.  I judged that information to be very uplifting and optimistic.  What a wonderful world we would live in if the government would just do the one thing is it supposed to do and that is to protect us.  If the government would adopt the protection only constitution, the Twelve Visions platform and protect us from dishonest, greedy people then this entire world would be a better place to live in as humanity would prosper greatly.

I’ve enjoyed listening to your meetings but because of work demands, I have not finished listening to all of the Level 9 sections and I just got my invitation to listen to the level 10 meetings.  I hope to get back to listening to them soon.

I am feeling in my heart that the Twelve Visions Party becomes a national success.

Dr. John Z.
Member, Neothink Society

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