The Twelve Visions and Mark Hamilton have taught me how to …

The Twelve Visions and Mark Hamilton have taught me how to become a self leader and to build my life around my essence.  I am a complete man because of the mentoring I received from Mark Hamilton.  I have been successful in many endeavors in my 53 years and I have always pursued more and more, but I was never able to feel happy, fulfilled and prosperous until I met Mark Hamilton and began absorbing the information he has provided. Mark has given me so much and I truly do consider him to be my mentor and I want all Americans to experience the satisfaction that comes with being a self-leader. I am a Neothink Man!

Americans are facing a “species ending” conflagration as a result of the dishonesty and abuse by our Government, our Health Care System, our Education System, our Energy Industry and our Entertainment Industry.  I do not believe that there is any American right now who would disagree with that statement.  The question facing us all is, What do we do about it?.  We can lay our trust in the career politicians to fix the problem of initiatory force through taxation, control of our banks, health care, energy and food.  We can leave it to the American Medical Association to ensure that all wellness programs are considered outside of the bias of the Pharmaceutical industry.  We can leave it to the current Department of Education to fix the problems in our schools while continuing to ignore the basic problems with our children, and we can leave it to Big Oil and their pocket politicians to define new energy products without the influence of big oil.  Does anyone believe that these people and organizations are solely interested in the well being of humanity?  Do you think that our career politicians are willing to give up their special interest monies or their set asides in order to better our economy and create jobs?  My personal answer is that these people do not wish to give up the fat in their lives to help others.  No.

The principles of Twelve Visions answer all of these issues and the founder of The Twelve Visions, Mark Hamilton, has shared his visions with us.  I, along with many others, have the answers to these fundamental issues in my hands right now and it is time to make these visions a reality.  Here are just a few of the answers we all seek:

1. Politics: Our Government must follow the will of the people, “By the people for the people.”  We must help them to go back to the roots of serving us, not serving themselves or big companies.   Current leaders are not interested in that.  When was the last time you were actually asked to voice your opinion on moves our government is preparing to make?  The use of initiatory force against the citizens of the United States by such organizations as the IRS, FDA, FTC, FCC, DEA, and others violates the rights of the citizens of the US every day.  We can change that by helping our government servants to represent the will of the people, not special interests and individual politician’s profit.  The Twelve Visions Party has the answers to these and many other issues.

2. Health Care: The Twelve Visions has a clear plan for making  health care and wellness available for every man woman and child a  priority rather than selling only cures that support the big drug makers and medical practitioners who are in their pockets. Unleashing light speed technological advances will be the result of actualizing The Twelve Visions.

3. Education: The Twelve Visions provides a framework from which our children will find their essence early in life and their educations will be designed to fulfill their essence rather than ramming information into them and then pushing them through the system to make numbers.  They are not being taught what they need to fulfill their life’s dreams. Twelve Visions will change that.

4. Energy: Have you ever asked yourself why we have to depend on oil for our fuel needs when there is so much free energy on our planet?  Why do we not have the technology to get away from that dependence?  By removing the Burdens on Advancing Technologies (B.O.A.T.) the Twelve Visions world will open the flood gates for new and exciting technologies that will drive the cost of advances to levels that all Americans can afford.

5. Entertainment: Why does The  Entertainment Industry focus so much on the negative news happenings?  The headlines are flooded with murder, incest, molestation, drug deals, gangs, personal lives of the rich and famous!  It is because the elite ruling class wants us to feel that we need them to save us from ourselves and the Entertainment Industry supports that goal because it sells more air time.  The Twelve Visions World teaches us how to be Honest and how to exercise Pure Love in dealing with our fellow man.  We need saving from the elite class, not ourselves.  The Twelve Visions teach us to be self-leaders with the power to define our own destiny without interference from special interest cheats.

If we do not allow this new thinking to be shared by all Americans, we are destined to destroy ourselves in a very short time.  The changes that we must make will not happen by allowing current thinking to rule the day.  We must open our minds and hearts to “New Thinking” to Neothink!  We must not allow these current rulers to continue driving us to our destruction and we absolutely must not allow our mentor Mark Hamilton to be shut down or harassed.  They will try and THEY WILL NOT SUCCEED because we are too smart for that.  We know what has to be done and we need you to help us do it.  I will defend my mentor from harm!


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