The Twelve Vision Party

Hello Mark Hamilton
The Twelve Vision Party is going next door to my Country,Canada!
I am so joyful to switch from the anticivilization to the C of U.
Man,what a feeling!
I will never be pulled down in the illusion of Plato’s cave of dishonesty.
I love you very much Mark Hamilton for your courage to stand up to this sad ANTICIVILIZATION!
My heart goes out to you and all involved to kick mysticism,the problem maker of all irrational and evil in this world of illusions.
Justice at last and all my dreams are coming true!
Only Mark had the guts to stand up to those minions and you all know who I mean.
Go Ntwarriors and help Mark Hamilton to defeat to scumbags and all those that support them!
I do need a gun to protect myself,I have FULLY INTERGRATED HONESTY and the Neo-Tech protection kit.
Cheer to Mark Hamilton for saving us all.
I now can sleep better at night!
Good night Mark Hamilton my Hero!

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