The Twelve Vision Party is the key to a wonderful world

The Twelve Vision Party is the key to a wonderful world. A place where all men and women are created equal and enjoy in all the treasures in this world as it was meant to be. A place where corruption and deceit cease to exist. This world will be filled with self thinkers who will share their ideals to the point where the cost of living will no longer be a factor when buying food or getting an education. I see a world where life is a treasured value, that everyone is appreciated for being part of this human race. I also see a world where government becomes a place of business where taxes are no longer the norm, because governments are held accountable for checks and balances. The standard of living will increase in this new world because the price to buy anything will be cheaper. It seems anytime someone comes up with a brilliant idea, the laws are changed to tax the idea. In this world people will be held accountable for treading on the rights of others; as it should be. This is the world I envision! A world where medical miracles happen each day to extend the life of everyone through modern medicine without phony regulations that restrict it’s ways. This is what Mark Hamilton and Neothink mean to me. This is the life I want my kids and grandkids to experience.

I look at our present political structure and say it’s time for change. I don’t mean a two party system where change only happens between the right and left parties. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of swinging my life and investments in whichever way the congress happens to be blowing. I think it’s time to have another choice when it comes to election time. I say it’s time for change.
I say it’s about time all politicians, judges, and lawyers are held accountable as role models, instead of entertainers, athletes, and the media being fried in the skillet for bad judgments. When the law makers make a bad call it hurts all of us. I can’t say I can imagine what a billion dollars would look like setting in front of me, but lawmakers spend this in taxes everyday. It is time for change alright! I say it is time to change the essence of things to come. Now more than ever, the Twelve Visions Party is exactly what this country needs so America can once again lead the world to a better place of prosperity.
Being raised in a world of illusions where one must sacrifice in order to achieve, I am now being told my government is getting ready to preempt my sacrifices to support their taxes to take control of health care, the banks, the housing market, and the automobile industry. Whatever happened to, “WE THE PEOPLE”. Once again I say it’s time for change. Now more than ever the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party makes all the sense in the world. I believe I am the creator of my own destiny and I don’t want others making my decisions for me that could change the world in which I perceive can happen.
Kevin W.
Montrose, South Dakota

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