The truths exposed by Mark Hamilton and his writings cannot be disputed

It is with great humility, objective rationale thinking, and depth of feeling that I provide this testimonial.

Having simply read the Inside Secrets (the first package), and with only limited exposure to Prime Law, I already feel compelled to read, learn, and think more in order to expand my knowledge, awareness, consciousness; it is the elevation of these things at the individual level, that the universe is thereby elevated.

I believe the very foundation of my belief system(s) is expressed, exposed, verbalized, intelligently discussed through the brilliant Neothink writings, and in my exposure to Mark Hamilton’s writings, leadership, and commitment to the effective execution of Prime Law, in order for individuals to achieve flawless love, wealth, health, and safety through honesty, rational self interest, objective thinking, and value producing business. These concepts expose, and heighten awareness of ego justice and flaw-filled politicians, lawyers, and bureaucrats (as I write this, I am hearing chapter 31 read out loud (the recent brilliant writing by Mark Hamilton – Wealth, Health, and Peace).
I am humbled by hearing about the Prime Law and the Twelve Visions Party. It is my self oriented, non sacrificial perspective and exposure to Neo Tech’s writings that provides a framework and context for my limitless compassion for individuals, and true commitment to value producing businesses.

This learning curve is critical (I’ve only had the Inside Secrets for about 3 weeks).

I’m very much looking forward to being a part of this brilliant, honest Neothink Society. Regardless how many people will disagree, will try to prevent value production, prevent honesty…. The truths exposed by Mark Hamilton and his writings cannot be disputed, as truth persists regardless of false assertions and claims, regardless of those that will dispute these honest assertions and writings. As people learn more and as the Neothink writings reach the objective minds of individuals committed to the truth, to honesty and integrity, the more status quo and current bureaucratic structures and paradigms will topple like cards.

Roevel M. G.

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