The Time Is Now!

Every single human being that ever lived is, has and always will be striving for the knowledge that Neothink, Mark Hamilton, and Global Information Network are providing. This is some absolutely invaluable material. It has the power to change all of life as we know it for the better. If every single living human being could ascend the ranks, and wake up to the true reality of life. I sincerely believe that humanity would reach unpresidented levels of Happieness, Wisdom, and Serentiy. Since every one would be a VALUE PRODUCER and not a DESTROY-ER, we would have a much more marvelous and grander experience that each and every single individual could achieve. It’s time to wake up. It’s time to take action! It’s time to be the responsible creators of our universe we were meant to be instead of the ignorant destroyers we have been for so long. I’ve always known there was more to life that I was missing out on. Mark Hamilton, Neothink, and G.I.N. Have brought me out of the darkness and into the light and for that I am forever in debt to the cause of conscienceness, harmony, intelligence, and prosperity. Thank you,

Micheal S. L.

P.S. ~Divinitus Versutia~ -latin

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