The root of all problems

You are completely right Mark Hamilton what you say here.  The rule of man is the root of all problems but the people who rule the man are scared and dangerous with nuke power.  You need to get the message to the military who have minds like spoiled children but much more dangerous.  Evidence has been found of nuke bombs from 1000s of years ago on this planet!  Do you think it might be possible that 1000s of years maybe 30,000 years ago the people all woke up and the powers that be erased life to protect their Rule over man?  This is why history is rotten to control minds. The whole system is bogus. I fear that the powers that rule our governments and killed J.F.K don’t care who or how many they kill as long as they can continue to rule the man! Please answer me for I do very highly value your opinion, Also II own (integrated honesty com) and would love it to be used for a good purpose!

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