The Prime Law votes for the civility of mankind

As I sat down at the computer today remembering that I voted yesterday, I thought I would share with you my ideas about how voting via an empty TVP option made me feel.
I voted by mail yesterday…..doing so left me with an empty feeling…..I would have loved to see the words Twelve Visions Party on the ballot and could not find it.
As I read through the continuous political agenda driven initiatives that could only propel the current political corruption further, thrusting in deeper into the suppression of American lives, I sighed and voted for green party candidates.
It is a hope that we the people will someday regain our self values, our self-worth, by standing up for our right to live life happily without fear of governmental control.
The Prime Law votes for the civility of mankind in honoring the rights of ALL individuals to live their lives unhindered by flaw-filled corrupted elite politicians.
Maybe someday people will become the individuals they were meant to be. Change starts in the heart; we must change our hearts so that we can again believe in our abilities, especially each of our own talents which, when unhindered by societal political driven suppression, will trust us into the person we were meant to be. Happy, Healthy, Free, and Prosperous.
Maybe next year I will have the ability to vote for my freedom when I see a Twelve Visions Party on the ballot. No more, Same Ole, Same Old.
Elaine –

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