The Prime Law remedy

Only with full recognition of individual rights can one fully desire to create values for society. This is the true meaning of liberty. We are social animals …and at our best want to do good for others – that good – comes from the freedom to create (and cannot come at the expense of our own liberty). Creativity cannot come to full fruition in the minds of men who live within a threat of force dimension. Such a dimension pays-lip-service to doing good for society – under the euphemism “the social good” …this good is in fact evil, one is expected to do good, and to do so under the constant threat of force (leading to ‘body-and-mind sacrifice of individuals to the State). The remedy is the Prime Law – the protection of the individual from the threat of force. In an upside down ‘threat of force’ dimension, an individual will never fully grasp the concept of individual rights – and as such will not fully respect the rights of others, never mind their own.
Craig H.

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