“The Prime Law” of “no initiatory force”

Clearly our individual rights and freedoms in this country have been steadily eroding due to the greed and power-mongering of the ruling elite. No government should have the power of initiatory force over any of its people – such even more repugnant and deleterious when under the guise of promoting the “social good” (When in actuality, promoting the status quo ruling elites’ power).

Mark Hamilton, because your visionary candidates of the Twelve Visions Party, for within all levels of government offices, will be contractually bound to uphold “The Prime Law” of “no initiatory force” – I will be voting for them…all around.

If we as individuals want to be free, then we need to act free and oust those who continue to either blind us to our inherent freedoms or herd and wall us away from our freedoms and choices. –
Liz S., NY

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