The Neothink Society’s premise is all based on productive activity

Let me explain something. The Neothink Society’s premise is all based on productive activity.  The people outside of the society will always have something negative to say because they are used to the old pattern of thought.  The pattern that they unconciously revert to because this is where their subconcious level has been for the bulk of their lives, and many are afraid of change and not conforming to a new paradigm.

This new paradigm is a shift in mental consciousness. It is a capability that we all have. The question is can we get past the fear that overcomes us to make the shift.

This comes from a man who has been on the incorrect path of thought for the bulk of his life. But just a slight opening in my thought process made me understand the essence of things, the way that our creator meant for us to see.  When this shift is made, one can understand that Neothink Society is on the right path to correct thinking. It is part of universal law which can not be dodged, whether conscious of these principles or not.


Daniel M M

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