The Neothink Society will embrace you …

In my short 2 ½ year journey into The Neothink Society, I have met people from all walks of life whom share the common concept that we are “All One Human Family evolving continuously into new consciousness which will benefit Humanity eternally.” The sincere traveler seeking knowledge, understanding and the wisdom to use and/or overstand Neothink will have evolved into right knowledge.

The late Frank Wallace (we shall forever cherish and honor him for his Honorable and Distinguishable Contributions to Humanity), Mark Hamilton and Eric Savage through the light of great thinkers whom walked in “The Light of Consciousness” have perfected the gift of Neothink and have given it to a selfish and undeserving world of neo-cheaters and value destroyers.

However, Neothink is a viable vehicle that has given birth to a new society which is producing value creators and genius that will eliminate those wishing to usurp values created by others and destroy the human family.

Those of you that were blinded by the light of Neothink and can only produce negative vibes and information, Neothink may not be for you! Neothink is for people whose soul has longed for a positive change, people with good hearts and desire to create sincere and positive values for our ever evolving society.

Neothink has provided me with additional tools and knowledge to attack ills and wrongs in our present day society, from big government to small municipalities and, laws affecting everyone. Through Neothink, I have helped many people, from legislators to the common individual.

Those of you wishing to defame Neothink and uphold evil and wrong doing in our society, you are walking into a dead end street. You are invited back to Neothink and, if you open your hearts and minds, The Neothink Society will embrace you and you will evolve into right knowledge and, find fulfillment and enormous success.

Be it known to everyone, “Neothink is now and, the future of all generations.”



Terry B.

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