The Neothink Society is a part of the solution

To the Neothink Society,

This is Armando V., I have read the three large heirloom books and attended the clubhouse meetings with Steve Fagan and company. My experience with the Neothink society has been positive despite my having sunk into poverty since I joined back in 2007. Not that this has had anything to do with it, the economy and some poor career choices may be to blame. As for the literature and the value of what I have learned it has helped me to become more of an integrated thinker and eradicated my mystical way of thinking. The confidence I have enjoyed because I look at things differently is another benefit I can attribute to Neothink.

The fact that the society is under attack is disturbing and I hope that my testimonial can help. For I have been under pressure myself to make ends meet which has become a big problem for me these days.  Hopefully when the TVP is implemented I can see a better future for me and all the Neothink members. For now it continues to be a process and the fact that media and authorities are attacking Mark Hamilton and the Neothink society is unfair. The Neothink Society is a part of the solution and not the problem it makes me unhappy to know this is happening. But like most things in this world the strong will survive and weather the storm. This has been my credo for a long time. I really believe that if it doesn’t kill you it will make you stronger. Hang in there Mark Hamilton and the rest of the society you can persevere. I believe that and you can counter attack the media and the authorities with the truth.

I hope this testimonial proves helpful and I want my Neothink family to keep the faith because this is only a test and we shall overcome!

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