The Neothink literature that Mark Hamilton has written…

The Neothink literature that Mark Hamilton has written and published has been a turning point in my life and offered advise that I desperately needed in these tough economic times.

Here’s my story:

I’m a 33-year old single man that has been guilty of working 60-80 hours each week since graduating from college.  Although I collect a nice salary and have at least an average level of intelligence, I just could not seem to get ahead.  I’ve read books about the stock market, real estate, and other investment vehicles but nothing really seemed to give me the guidance that I so desperately needed.

The first Neothink manuscript arrived last May and I have finished reading the third manuscript at the end of September and I can feel that a new path has presented itself to me.  No longer do I wait until something presents itself to me in hopes of getting ahead.

Since September, I have had the courage and tools to make three small and separate real estate deals that are the beginning of my own financial independence.  Although I remain somewhat socially awkward I have been out on more dates in the last two months than I have been in the past five years.  I’m still single but am gaining confidence and honestly believe that the love of my life is just right around the corner literally.

The TVP party will be a tremendous asset to our society and allow people to break free from their daily rat-races.  I’m fortunate enough to be able to take calculated risks and will gain my own financial independence without this added benefit.  However, the TVP will free my family, neighbors, friends, and co-workers from the stress and mental anguish of wondering on a daily basis; “what will I do if I lose my job this week?”.

With love in my heart for humanity and my fellow man, my vote will be cast for any member representing the TVP.

Andy B.

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