The Neothink literature has helped me…

Hi my name is Dan I am with the Neothink society. The Neothink literature has helped me integrate within the parasitic society of the masses freeing up my level of genius and taking me much further, where as it was almost impossible to do so otherwise! I am forever grateful for Mark Hamilton and his literature. This has also helped me see passed many government illusions. I have learned about the self-leadership system. I am well on my way to becoming a self-leader! I love this because the system hates that! Why because they are extreme parasites!!! Many things mark Hamilton has explained in his organization has now confirmed what I already knew. Thank you mark Hamilton. I am now also working on three mini-company’s.  Hear is the conclusion to my life changing story, Mark Hamilton is an awesome person doing a great work for so many individuals. He happens to care so much about creating a new world that’s win-win for every one! This is not an easy task with so many government regulation’s .To help Mark Hamilton, I have already signed the petition for the protection of the people only budget hear in California with 41 more votes to pass! I am Trying to get all my elite friends on social media to sign as well. Praise for mark Hamilton. Soon the Gestapo officials will be on a whole different behavioral program! I’m sure they’re going to hate this! This is a great movement and when M H brings this to the masses everyone will support it! This evil empire will crumble with a new empire that will rise even higher and shine brighter. N.T. has truly changed my life and the world. Thank you Mark Hamilton. I hope this story has helped the people that matter.

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