The Intrinsic Value of the Individual

The most wonderful idea from Mark Hamilton’s writings is his love and respect for the individual. He wants you and I to know that each of us is incredibly valuable. He points out the many ways that political, religious and personal ideas erode away the preciousness of our lives. By waking us up to the truth of how outside influences have degraded our lives we can begin to notice these influences and change. Often we have used external authorities as crutches to explain our personal situations in life instead of taking full responsibility for where we are at personally, financially and with our relationships. At times,I have expected God, my country, my husband, and how I was raised, to be at least partially responsible for my situation. Mark helps us realize we can throw off these crutches and live our lives with no excuses.

To me there is only one reason Mark Hamilton has chosen to be involved in working toward restoring the original reason America was founded. That reason is the intrinsic value of each individual to live freely to pursue his or her own creativity. We can use our minds to have and enjoy all the success, rewards, love and power that we desire. When people are truly free within, by being fully responsible and without by living in a country that respects the individual, our lives will be truly exceptional.

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