The Incredible Journey Home…

Life is a journey of self-discovery, and self awareness. An evolution of consciousness. We are thrust,as spiritual beings into the harsh reality of this physical universe. We basically know who we are initially. We created it.
Then we denied that creation, and ceased to take responsibility for it.
When you deny cause, you become the effect of that cause. Then you have to forget that you were the cause or else this universe would cease to exist.
When you deny responsibility for who you are then you give that control to someone or something else.
In essence, undeniably, we each create our own trap. A trap of not knowing, no responsibility and no control.
Perhaps this is a survival mechanism because these bodies are weak and small in the infant stage.
As we mature, gradually becoming stronger and more self sufficient we begin to remember who we are and that we can create effects upon people and things around us.
If we are “lucky” this is allowed, but more often, it is not.
Others before us have been taught that certain things are considered bad,wrong and unacceptable, and others are considered good ,right, and acceptable.
As soon as we agreed to that, we gave up our own power to act as a self-leader and control our own future.
We have sprung the trap on ourselves and are caught in the effect of it for our entire lifetimes.
Because we have abandoned our true essence, we sleepwalk through life, never essentially being , doing or having what we truly want.
Now, lacking the ability to create and surround ourselves with admiration and pleasure, we instead create disability and pain.
We are here to experience.
Mark Hamilton’s writings awakened the naturally creative child inside me.
It is wonderful to feel empowered, instead of ineffective!
Now, I do. Not, fear to try.
I can visualize possibilities and achievement, where I only saw barriers and defeat before.
The barriers to success no longer exist and winning is the only option.
Mark Hamilton and the Neothink society have changed my life.
The love, encouragement and support for the fulfillment of all my dreams, is my new reality.
I am starting my own business, and I will live happily and reap rich rewards for the values I will create daily.
Thanks to Mark Hamilton and Neothink I am eternally free to be me, play at life and have fun! I have Wealth,
Health and Peace.

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