The ideas that Mark Hamilton has been prominent…

The ideas that Mark Hamilton has been prominent in demonstrating and writing about provide only positive and uplifting values for those who observe and then try them out. The actions then produced are nothing like the steady drift downward that America’s been undergoing for the last 50 plus years.
The Hamilton approach to education encourages people to be aware, versatile, and able to discern the relationships between various and seemingly unrelated facets of life as opposed to the kind of traditional education and conditioning that tends to render things in an isolated and unrelated manner… The people involved with it don’t settle for lazing around, getting loaded, watching TV, and falling in with the unproductive status quo but instead for encouraging people not to believe lies and to come up with ideas to create better living conditions for all.
Hamilton’s books and associations with some of his adherents have helped to greatly expand my creativity, given me more clearheaded focus, have more fun doing it, and to feel very satisfied at the end of the day than those who live normal lives that feature either too much work or too much play or too little of either. It has also profoundly changed my life in that the vibrations I put across to people generate a far more positive and appreciative response than they used to.
The integrated MH philosophy promotes love, good will and knowledge which are much needed things that previous controlled philosophies have usually kept from us. This philosophy differs from the standard religious fare which threatens that a person who somehow proves to be not good enough could go to hell or even to lose their membership privileges in the Mickey Mouse Club etc. There is no threat of latter day mass judgment and extermination etc. as we believe in the value of all human life and to give people chances which had been formerly denied them. Moreover, under the proposed Hamiltonian system, manufacturing jobs will without fail return to America.
Now who wouldn’t want to live on a paradise earth such as this?
R Thomas J.

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