The genuine compassion of Mark Hamilton

I want to post this testimony about the genuine compassion of Mark Hamilton. I took an overview of my life as a member of the Neothink Society and I have something that non-members don’t, i.e. some advanced and rich people helping me. Who would do something like that if they did not care for people, especially a prisoner? This man is not stupid or indifferent.
I will call it a privilege to have someone smart and rich helping me as a prisoner of the anticivilization. Thanks to my Neo-mind and resurrected essence, I no longer go to jail.
All Neothink Society members have the privilege of someone as genuine and compassionate as Mark Hamilton helping them.
Who else out there is willing to help the common soul as he is? Who goes out of their way to create a Society of wealth, health and love so that everyone can be happy? Who else is willing to pay the debts of others? To pay a debt that isn’t his…well, I know someone like that…and he wants to be your friend.
The friendship of a man with genuine compassion helping a victim of the anticivilization…or helping “the little guy” with the oppression of the anticivilization…this is what people need to see about Mark Hamilton…he reminds me of the Jesus character in the Bible…much more like the character of Christ described in the Bible than a lot of Christians out there today because they merely imitate what is said of Christ rather then live it from the heart due to having the character of genuine compassion for the downtrodden, like Mark Hamilton does…he reminds me of the Good Samaritan in the Bible on the Road to Jericho in Jerusalem where an Israelite was attacked by robbers who beat him head to toe and left him for dead, on the Road to Jericho…first a priest and then another of his kind passed by. But they acted deaf and blind. They were strangers on the road to Jericho. Then finally a man from Samaria, o, his people hated his race, poured in the oil and the wine and bandaged up his wounds. He laid him on his horse and paid for his healing at the local Inn…such a kind man on the road to Jericho…that is who Mark Hamilton reminds me of, that good Samaritan who is hated by the leaders of the anticivilization as he helps the needy…how can anything good come from Samaria? They said at that time…how can anything good come from Illuminati Societies? they say today. It’s the same anticivilization in both stories…that Jesus and Mark deal with..
Mr. Darrin M. P.

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