The general public, will read all about Mr. Mark Hamilton…

Mr. Mark Hamilton,
I am most grateful for you choosing me as one of your apprentices and your believing in me that I do have potential to become who I wish to be and make my own contribution to society. For one, I am another average person wanting a better life for myself and my family and ways of doing this is by reading and studying the three (3) heirloom packages. I’m still in the reading of them as they are quite large volumes to take in but packed with the most exciting news for us all! I admit I am far from wealthy (right now) and could not purchase all materials asked of me but would like to at a later time.
You, the general public, will read all about Mr. Mark Hamilton and what a wonderful man he is to want to help make great changes we all need in government today. Give him a chance to prove to you that he and The Twelve Visions Party (TVP) is out to give you a better life as you never had before but you need to turn away from old and negative thinking and how we have become so used to the way things are run in society which speak loud and clear that we as a society will be ruined if world changes
are not made in the best interests of us all as a nation and a people.

I am grateful Mr. Hamilton for all you are doing (and the Twelve Visions Party) not only for the betterment of my life and that of my family, but of anyone who truly desires a better way of life, liberty, and real justice, fairness, great health, lasting happiness for all,
is just simply amazing and I’m glad to speak out for you for all your good works and may it prosper without end to give all of us this
great opportunity in life.

Thank you,
Linda B.

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