The Essence of Puzzle Pictures

Can we grow and enhance an already existing puzzle picture? OR even a puzzle picture under construction?
The answer is an astounding…YES!
In a recent vision, that’s exactly what I saw. It was breathtaking. What astounded me most was I saw already existing puzzle pieces that were even more beautiful than the old ones. They fit just as perfectly as the ones they will replace. The difference in the way they looked was like B&W TV compared to Hi –Definition color TV. These new replacements pieces made every piece around it more vivid, like watching the movie Avatar
THIS is the result of New Knowledge and integrations. That’s the beauty of open ended philosophies and scientific protocols like NeoThink, The Blood/ Geno Type Sciences and Tapping sequences . They grow with new knowledge and integrations. If you have visited and listened to the Tapping World Summit, I am sure you have made new integrations.
I now understand how to know for sure that we have accurately seen through the illusions to the essence of things.
It’s all in the FIT. If there is the slightest resistance while putting it in or the slightest gap, Then it is an illusion.
That’s how the self interested only, those glory seekers, have gotten over on us. It seemed like a finished puzzle picture but on close inspection we can see those flaws. If you were to slide that puzzle on the table, pieces might fall off or entire sections might break away. You might see sections that are not flat.
Let me try to give you one quick example: A few weeks ago I got an email about a Dr/ Researcher that claimed that Vitamin supplements were and have been a big scam. He said that the vitamins in fruits ( like vitamin C) we there for the fruit only and not for human beings. He tried to back this up with a fact that the human body does make some of its own vitamins when it needs to. Now, you can imagine, I recoiled big time. I can put his research in the junk category real quick with one word… Scurvy –a lack of vitamin C, alleviated by consuming fruits. Not to mention, good, honest research by the ba zillions to the contrary which lead to most recently to vitamins that come from Whole Foods- the real thing!
This potential puzzle piece was so loose that you could drive a Mac truck around the perimeter.
These are the things our Teacher Mark Hamilton and now, Each of us, in the Valley Of Our Peers have seen and continue to look for.
OUR puzzle picture will eventually have no seems, as if it was originally; ONE BIG PIECE.
Love Carl

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