I have seen through my own illusions, through my own limiting believes that distract and hold me back. To the essence of myself. Who I was meant to be.
I have always collected values and key take-a-ways from everything, to self learn, grow and understand to an extreme extent. My interest are and have always been wide and varied. This actually is part of my Geno Type. Outlined in the first few statements about the hunter geno type in Dr. Dadamo’s book; The Geno Type Diet. Also, I recently heard a lecture on Energy profiles by Carol Tuttle and found that I was a type 3, which fits in with my geno type. It all Fits, It all comes together. It’s amazing.
If these geniuses are not part of Mark Hamilton’s Neothink society. They should be.
SO, I’ve always been able to make integrations without realizing it. Sometimes it scares people and it astounds me constantly. Thanks to Mark Hamilton’s manuscripts I have been able to find and accept my own essence and hopefully make a positive impact on society.
Since I started writing the book Wide Scope Accounting ( my first attempt at anything like this ) I can now see where all these values and key take-a-ways are starting to fit. It finally came to me the other day. Assembling these values I have collected is exactly what I was meant to do This is who I was meant to be. A Writer/ Inventor….Had I know that when I was in grade school I would of paid more attention in English class. They went too slow, so it bored me. My penchant for run on sentences is unbreakable. But that’s the way I think- ever growing new integrations as I go. I’m not so sure I should change that.
I once wrote a paper in psychology class in college about the similarities I saw between Freud, behaviorism, Environmentalism and phenomelogy. The Professor HAD A FIT! He said that Freud would roll over in his grave at the thought of what I wrote about. The whole class laughed when I responded by saying…GOOD, at least he will not get casket sores. I got a D in that class that semester. That was not what he was trying to teach. I always rejected anyone trying to be an authority figure.
It was tough trying to fit my OWN puzzle piece into the big picture.
But the world changed shortly after that. It became common to combine many works for new Ideas. Many geniuses Have been making connections by using outcomes from many works.
Our Teacher Mark Hamilton especially, Has assembled many puzzle pieces for a New World puzzle picture. We too have become assemblers of puzzle pieces.
Happy puzzle building. Love, Carl

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