The dissemination of Neothink:

“The dissemination of Neothink:

…restructuring it to be more “digestible”.”



I swallowed it “hook/line and sinker”;

in-like natural raw foods.

The sense that something is good

is because it looks appetizing,

what ever it be, as long as it is fresh.

Processing today removes essential elements

needed in order to survive.


That’s where the Neothink literature comes in.

It has the missing ingredients

one needs to be complete.

There is always a secret to any recipe.

That has always been the problem.

Everyone now can specialize

and make it easier and happier on their life.


I began my testimony about the Neothink literature the way I did above because, even when all is said and done, nothing else throughout my education provided the amount of information I needed to complete myself.  We always said or heard, “I need to find myself” or “What do I want to be”?  Awareness should have been instilled in youth however; none of my teachers knew either.  It was always said: “those who can; do. Those who can’t; teach.”  What? That’s how we learned (or not).  I am privilege to have been given the Neothink Manuscripts to, what I would like to say, know “Life, the universe and everything”, to be what I always wanted to be and how.

Kerry H.

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