The Cure

Co-evolution is not uncommon in nature. One example is the relationship between honey badgers and honey guide birds. The honey badger cannot find bee’s nests, and the honey guide bird cannot break into them… thus, they co-operate with one another, the bird guides the badger to the nest and the badger breaks in – and both get the honey. But such specialization comes at a price… if one species dies out… so does the other… unless it somehow learns to adapt. One could perhaps draw an at least loose analogy of the ‘co-evolution’ of the ruling class with the working class: both have become over specialized in relying on each other for survival… the ruling class lives of the working class through neocheating, and the mystically orientated working class needs to be led by the ruling class. Where the analogy breaks down, is that this ‘man-made’ co-evolution is self-destructive… the cure is the need for a new dimension rooted in the Prime Law.
Craig H.

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