Thanks to Neothink I have hope for the present and future

I am a 49 year old male construction worker. Have withdrawn from society for my personal beliefs differ greatly from the way the present day government does business. Have held the belief for years that we need to close our borders to the world. now I know that is not going to happen, but what I would like to see happen is that we take care of  our own first, get rid of all the excess government control and agencies that are needless, and just take care of ourselves first.  well I gave up. only one little guy, hell what difference could I make? I mean today’s  society what with it’s  morals based on a fairy tale of life after death and other such nonsense trying to keep me feeling guilt all the time. I knew that any resistance on my part was useless.
well once I read the first three Neothink heirloom collection books I felt a great relief. Here is the ideas and beliefs that I share written down where I could get a look at them. The concepts and solutions spelled out can and will work now I know because this is a society that is like minded as I and they want me to be apart. together united for the betterment of all mankind I personally can and will make a difference. I have always known that I am different and anyone who has ever meet me can testify to that by my answer to the question: where are you from?  answer: I am a   “CITIZEN OF THE UNIVERSE!”
Thanks to Neothink I have hope for the present and future. The past has brought me to this time. Lives lesson’s have prepared me for the battle ahead against the anti-civilization. With many such as I, one who knows now that I do matter and to count, united together in Neothink we will succeed and keep the ignorant S.O.B.’s from blowing our spaceship earth up by nuclear holocost.  Neo- Tech thank you for helping clarify what I know to be true, there is a better tomorrow to be had for all who so desire. James W.

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