Thanks to Neothink for enriching my life and giving me perspective…

For the past 20 years I have been searching for a formula that would make me a productive, prosperous and enlightened person. I have done extensive research and gathered information on every aspect of society throughout over 200 countries. I was fortunate to have gathered information from ex politicians, ex priests, ex monks, ex professors of theology, biologists, physicists, physiologists, futurists etc.

I was looking for something that not only would make me excel in life, but a structured plan I could share with family and close friends that is guaranteed to enrich not only their lives but to be handed down to their descendants for generations to come.

All this data indicated the truth is always hidden from the public for monetary, political and religious gain. My research showed that people are very easy to exploit because over 98% of us on this planet are trained to use our brains incorrectly from childhood, so the truth may be right before us but we will never see it.

When I encountered Neothink and read the first two books it reflected most of what I had in my notes, gathered over those many years.
Neothink allowed me to arrange my notes in the correct order to not only effect chance in my life but also enhanced structure and quelled irrational fears.
With Neothink I had taken that important step that most are afraid to take, enabling me to split the rocks of ignorance that obscured the light of truth.

After reading all the Neothink literature, the change in me took only two weeks for my mind to structure the formula I was always looking for. I then realized why my father had given me two books when I was twelve years old.
One book was entitled “The Brain” the other “The Human Mind”.

I also reflected on a conversation I had with a brain surgeon many years ago. He said; “The right brain has no legal rights in our bodies, the ability to speak and understand language, read, write, do mathematical calculations, solve puzzles etc are all done by our left brain, so do not made decisions that will affect your life with the right brain, it has no intellect. But, use the right brain for artistic endeavors at your choosing”.

Thanks to Neothink for enriching my life and giving me perspective on all that is important and eliminating what is irrelevant. But, saying thanks is not enough to really express the joy and harmony that radiates from every ounce of my being.

To quote an excerpt from the book “The Final Theory” by Mark McCutcheon

“We are all born into this universe and live out our lives within its laws and principles. From the inescapable law of gravity extending across the universe to the fundamental principles behind the tiniest atoms, our lives are immersed in the laws of nature. As intelligent beings it is only natural for us to wonder about the world around us, and as children of this universe it seems reasonable that we should be able to arrive at an understanding of it all – that this understanding is very much our birthright. In fact, to many it may seem as if we have already arrived at this understanding, with only a few loose ends remaining”.

Neothink is filling in the loose ends.


Paul H.

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