Thanks to Master Hamilton

Since I was approached over 2 years ago from Mark Hamilton to join the Neothink Society I thank Him Daily for his honest truthful helpful Heirloom packages/books such as neothink tech Society, The Neothink Discovery, Neothink Miss Annabelle`s Secrets and of course Pax- Neothink. Also for establishing the A teams, Club houses, Twelve Visions Party National Party and thru this each state in the Union and the territories the Twelve Visions Party state affiliates party.

Real soon we the people shall see the Visions coming true and the depolictizeing of America at all levels, state and Federal and the Prime Law being included in the Constitution. Then with honest, integrated, business`s with value creative creation. Everyone rich even the Poor. I am honored and proud to be part of the puzzle and other opportunities that Master Hamilton has invited me to join.

S.W.(Mike) C. 3rd
12 Visions Party (CA)
NeothinkWarriors (Team Delta)
Neothink Business Alliance

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