Thanks to Mark Hamilton i will be one less “victim”

Throughout human history most people have been plagued by a very real disease of the mind. It is a disease that leads us to be sheep-like followers, which ultimately leads to an unfulfilled life. The Neothink society has helped me to realize that i am the true master of my own destiny and am responsible for everything currently in my life! The society has also shown me that there are people, organizations, and governments of the world that fully capitalize on this trend of the human mind to take the easier route of dependency. Neothink is an awakening of our minds and the true essence and potential of the human condition. No longer do we have to believe that we need outside influences and guilt to dictate our desires and beliefs. This is the road towards true independence and the realization of our dreams and potential on the individual, and ultimately the worldwide level. Thanks to Mark Hamilton i will be one less “victim” to the parasites that live off of all of us!

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