Thank you very much Mark Hamilton and the Neothink for everything you have done for me

Thank you very much Mark Hamilton and the Neothink for everything you have done for me. I grew up poor I was paying social security since I was 14 years old I am now 38. I have always known the value of the dollar. I worked for every penny I got and never new that there was so much more to life. Until I read the books that I got. They are so inspiring, filled with all kinds of new wisdom. Since I have read the books my intelligence have greatly increased I respect everything now. I live with pure honesty, I am a great thinker. I have lived in the mystical world since I was a baby I was promised to live where the streets were gold beyond the gates of heaven when I died but I now realize that if I live where the streets are gold are then I better start saving now. I was born and raised southern Baptist my grandpa was a big time minister and my mom always played the piano. We lived by the bible no matter what we did we always had one around. But I realized after growing up that I just lived by lies. Now I understand why my grandpa ministered so much coming from the great depression there was a great shortage of everything most people had to lean on the bible to give them hope of something better. But when I got old enough to ask questions about the bible like if Adam and Eve were the first people on earth who documented them eating the apple the bible doesn’t say Adam, Eve, and a narrator neather could write or read but the preachers would always say that is where faith comes in. Faith = lies in my book. I believe that if the Neothink books would have been out before the great depression we might not have had a great depression or we would have overcome the depression a lot easier. I owe Neothink a lot would I buy these books again now that I know what they consist of I would a hundred time over. I wished that everybody in the world would read these. We would all be in a much better place economically. These books are the greatest thing that have came to man since the beginning of time. Thank you so very much Mark Hamilton, and the Neothink Society for letting me be a part of it all.

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