Thank you to Mark Hamilton, and the Neothink Society

The most positive thing that I can say about the Neothink society and Mark Hamilton is that the material works, if you use all the tools in the literature, and put them into  operation they work.  What it has done for me personally it has made me very happy and satisfied with my life and with my family.  I now love everyone both in the society and outside the society.  I have learned to replicate other people in the society from Steve F, Mack B, Charlie M an all the other mentors.  Yes indeed life is good, no actually life is great  again thank you Mark Hamilton, and thank you Neothink Society.  This is now my life, I live it I Believe it, I breath it, and use it every hour of every day in my life.  My essence is the twelve Vision Party, which is the political movement in the  Neothink society our goal is to  depolarize the government with a protection only Budget You all have a Beautiful day

Love You all

William K

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