Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity as a new member to learn from you…

Hello Mr. Mark Hamilton,

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity as a new member to learn from you and through your books. I am now on my way to be free from false beginning to start to be a person that I am meant to be. It’s too long a time I was in the wrong way that I can’t figure out no matter how hard I’ve tried to excel in so many things or achieve my goals that I feel I’m capable of, yet I have no control of any situation at all. I wanted to live a happy life but solution is not attainable and I still live in stagnation. Now Neothink has awakened me and I am becoming more confident and in control on every decision I make and I am fully responsible for the direction of my life. NO other people have to decide and create something for me anymore.

I am fully in support of your cause to let the new generations live in the true essence of life, that everyone will acquire wealth, happiness and romantic love through integrated honesty. It is really frustrating the way life is treating us. It is full of politics, dishonesty, mysticism, deception, corruption, illusion, etc. And the only solution is to adopt the “TVP as the Prime Law”. This Prime Law will truly benefit mankind.

It could have been rewarding if I’ve known this before but still I’m glad that it’s not late yet for me to experience the true essence of life. I’m very grateful to you, Mr. Mark Hamilton for showing me the right path at last!

Francis PS

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