Thank you so much for coming into my life.

Dear Mark Hamilton,

Thank you so much for coming into my life.  I am honored that you have personally decided to sponsor me.  I cannot wait to meet you in person, but now I know that someday (probably soon) I will.  You rescued my thinking of the ways of the anti-civilization.   You have opened up for me my inner child, and now thank to you, I have hope that I have a way to change my stagnant situation for the better.

Sure, as many people are, I was skeptical.  The conventional wisdom is that ‘if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.’  However, I want to say to all the naysayers out there (yes I Goggled the stuff also – but made my own well informed decision,) this IS something that can really change one’s thinking about life if they will let it.  As Miss Annabelle would say, ‘learn how to see through appearances to get to the essence of things.’  The lesson about discovering one’s ‘Friday Night Essence’ was such a phenomenal thought.  The anti-civilization would soon be on its way down when the general population figures that out …  I discovered that what I really like to to is read, research, and write.  You have motivated me to start my own book already.  It will be called ‘Leviathan Revisited’ and will be a response to Hobbe’s ‘Leviathan.’  It will be about the current state of government.  My nickname is Danny.  I almost feel / I do feel actually, that I was one of her (Miss Annabelle’s) students.  I play to win Mark, and the ‘Twelve Visions’ party is what America needs right now!  The time is at hand.  We live and die by our choices we make, on what to think, on how to feel.  Again, I can’t express enough how grateful I am to you and your Father.

I have mentioned the illuminati because of my name.  Let me just agree with you that we are and are fast becoming ‘The New Emerging Illuminati.’  What I like the best is that we seek to give everyone a chance to lift themselves up, we are not exclusive.


Daniel C.

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