Thank-You Mark Hamilton for your faith in me

It was about  August or September 2008 that I received my first invitation purchase my first Heirloom manual. I thought surely they must of made a mistake by inviting me to join there Secret Society..It gave me hope again that I was worth something other than being a number but I  was now being a person who was now going to be a member of an elite organization of the Neothink Society. Now I could be a person that others  could count on being apart of a team of members who are committed to helping each other in the Society to be-come the man or woman we were meant to-be in life, I believe that You Mark Hamilton have changed my life for the better, so I could Be a value creator again for children, and my family, And the NEOTHINK Society..   Thank-You Mark Hamilton for your faith in me as a member of your Neothink Society..    I can be a person you will be glad you have given another chance at life to be valuable member of your team..    Now that  I’m a member I can only thank you for helping me to be all I can believe I can,  Where I could do what I always dreamed I could be an do. This was a new beginning In my life. I had just gotten out of prison in June 2008 that year, I didn’t think I had a chance at a normal life again, But after reading the little booklet I was made to believe in my-self that I could leave a legacy for my children an grandchildren, I felt that I was wanted for what I could do as a value creator once again, Plus having a lot of friends who wanted me to create my polishes again for their trucks. They wanted something that would protect their trucks from the harsh chemicals they run into on the highway and truck washes. They wanted my polishes to protect their trucks.. I made the only polish for Enr & Clear coat Base coat paints That did not wash off like all the other polishes did..  Thanks Mark for helping me to focus on being of service to others again in stead of feeling sorry for my-self in being a loser, but instead of being a value creator our NEOTHINK Society..creator

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