Thank you Mark Hamilton for such a wonderful gift

I will alway feel strong gratitude for the value the insight and integrations. The NEOTHINK SOCIETY is a part of me it is truly a society of love it flows harmoniously with the best knowledge, business, and life style and most important it allows you to be free meaning no limits to self I feel good thinking about what I’m in store for how I can take sudden control over my life in a realistic way. I’ve always felt lonely, but with the beautiful people that surrounds me now it amazing to here that there are people out there who are in touch with in depth love for each other I enjoy listening to the brilliant integration and insight we share I’m working on improving my self everyday and I know that once my coarse is set there will be no stopping me I am still working out the kinks in my life I know it will and is getting better day by day with the more integrated I become. The NEOTHINK SOCIETY is the place I belong this is the only way I can survive in peace and in freedom with no limits. I love all of you in the NEOTHINK SOCIETY you are all angles.


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