Thank you Mark Hamilton for saving my sanity

My name is not important but what I have to say is immensely important and accurate. Mark Hamilton and his neothink literature has changed my life from a world of misery and stagnation into a world of happiness and prosperity. Before, I was an unemployed alcoholic destined for death. One year ago, I was depressed and was thinking this could not be it and there had to be something more out there for me. I thought long and hard about that “something more” must exist but I couldn’t grasp what it was. Then, one day out of the blue I got a letter saying I could live a life of happiness and prosperity in this world. I quickly ordered the manuscript which was offered and received it in a couple of days and opened it and I read and read. The words I read were like gold, full of honesty and so powerful that I had to set it down a couple of times to make sure it was real and believe me it was real and still is real today. I felt so free and liberated from the heavy burdens and guilt I hauled around with me all those years. I read the manuscript a couple of times and applied what it said and I began a new life of sobriety and a new business in computer repairs. As matter of fact, after a couple of months of applying the manuscript, I received a letter from a girlfriend from college that I had failed to be romantically involved. She told she loved me and now we have a romantic relationship exchanging letters. The twelve vision party is a true and honest movement, based on fully integrated honesty and wide-scope neo-think accounting, that will forever change humanity for the better. Thank you Mark Hamilton for saving my sanity-Neothink member

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