Thank you, Mark Hamilton, for opening the NT doors for me…

Thank you, Mark Hamilton, for opening the NT doors for me and for being a patient mentor. Because of Neothink, I am embarking on a whole new life journey that I can absorb and pass forward to my children and grandchildren. I received the First multigenerational Package over two years ago. I didn’t realize two years ago that I would now be connected to like-minded/like-spirited friends. These friends, are just like me. We began at about the same hopeless place in life with very little emotional or financial security. I am now daily connected by email and phone to an abundance of positive-forward moving associates.
My Neothink invitation has helped me change my old stagnated “reactions” to life. NT has helped me remove unwanted-useless-negative-old mind/heart tapes. I now “respond” to my world and the world around “us” with new energy, peace and hope. I am now, and forever will be, connected to solid value creations, valuable resources and immortally valuable friends… From the Heartland State of Sweeping Changes.

Brenda M.

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