Thank You Mark Hamilton for Mentoring Me!

Since joining Neothink with Mark Hamilton. I have learned that I was not a strange person because I am one of those people that think outside of the box.

When growing up as a young girl, I was taught there were many things I could not do, say, or even think according to my family.

I was brought in a religious family and being a girl I was taught, I was to go to school until I was 18 years old. Get a job, get married, have children, Take care of hubby, work, pay my taxes and work some more, retire, dolt on the grand children, get sick and prepare to go to the pearly gates, and once there I was to live happy ever after.

I was taught that I was not supposed to think about anything else as I was a girl. Needless to say I stayed in more trouble with my family.

It was not until I joined Mark Hamilton and Neothink as an apprentice, reading the literature, going to the lectures, meeting and socializing with my Neothink.

I discovered that my family only taught me what they knew, and learned, which was the religious slavery and mysticism. It finally became clear that I had to forgive my family and move on with my life. Reading and study Mark Hamilton’s’ literature help me change over to a new way of living.

This new way of living and thinking has now become my way of life. Today I am enjoying my new freedom of thinking out of the box.

    Uncover = old traditions that no longer apply to me
    Discover = Change my way of thinking, and my life style
    Discard= Stop doing the same old things expecting            different  results

My fears’ of boogie men, being alone, broke, sick, and mesmerism.

Today I live happy, joyous and free of fear of being alone, unhappy, poor health, mesmerism, and financial insecurity.

I have learned that it all started with me making a decision to make a life changing commitment to find the life I was meant to live and invest into the life I want to live.

Since I joined Neothink I have made this change with the help of my mentor Mark Hamilton.

I have come through many health challenges:

Thyroid, Graves Disease, blindness, diabetes, high blood pressure, stress, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I was born and raised right here in the USA. I am a mother of 4 children, grandmother 11 grand children, and GG to 8 GG children so far.

I have done my family Genealogy and found family members all the way back to the 1600’s here in USA.

I now live a new life with a different way of thinking, and feeling, I no longer stress about what you think of me so I stopped trying to  (keep up with the Jones) as that kept me broke.

I have never been a groupie (follower). Today I believe in myself and that I can accomplish anything I desire. I discovered as long as I continue to follow everyone else I will always be broke, sick, in poor health, and stressed.

I had to make a change:

Uncover    Discover   Discard:

Ancestry anger, educate myself on what they went through and how this society came to be, what it is today with so many miserable and unhappy people, and doing the same things over and over expecting different results.

All the way to the Americas’ from our fore Fathers the rule of man.

I am grateful I have this opportunity to live a better life, and look forward to the future of the Civilization of the Universe with all my family and friends.

Thank You Mark,

Rubi T. Neothink

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