Thank you Mark Hamilton

First and foremost I would like to thank my Mentor, Mark Hamilton , for taking the time to haelp us become the people we where always meant to be. Second I would like to thank the society. Thank you for the opportunity to soar beyond the clouds and the chance achieve the wildest of dreams.

The knowledge I have acquired has helped me to leap into a place where I no longer have any competition. I am working on becoming self reliant and making any type of dependency on anything or anyone, obsolete. I am now immune to any failure or negative thoughts and able to break through any manufactured truths. The techniques I have learned in the society will allow me to achieve anything I would desire by taking control of my own destiny. I am now 100 times more confident than I was before absorbing these secrets. As I put these techniques into practice, my creativity soared. This will give me the opportunity to make a living off what I have created. The advantages have helped become a self leader. I say it proudly.
I have come to realize, through experience, that focusing on me, like the literature says. The smallest , simplest money making unit and power thinking what I need, from developing the product to marketing and everything in between will help me to drive my business forward into new realms of business. Threw the prime literature I have learned to steer clear of altruism and its destructive effects. I always thought self sacrifice to be a noble deed but wondered why most people just took and took without a care and I ended up with no productivity and depleted happiness. I have come to understand that neo-cheaters use Higher causes , noble causes to usurp values from the honest hard worker. Neo-cheaters such as politicians and professional mystics(value destroyers )make their careers off of other peoples sacrifices and never learn to produce honest values that can be sold or traded to become an independent , happy person.

I have learned to be selfish rather than selfless. For the first time in my life. I am pursuing my dreams, attentively, guiltlessly, and happily. No longer will I sacrifice my time, my value, my well being to negatives. I personally experienced the effects in my life and thanks to Mark Hamilton I can spot negativity and laziness and stop it in its tracks. I have learned to counter their attacks by using honesty, never letting up. Using fully integrated honesty I have broken threw some situations where I should have fallen victim. To me this is powerful. I could never put a price tag on what I have learned. If this is only ¼ of the literature I can only imagine what else there is to learn. It gets me excited to know there’s still more to learn. The feeling I get from using my brain to create and integrate reality is indescribable. I have had to face my fears and personal mysticisms and as a result I am a new man. I am like they say “ Born Again”, not in a cristian sense but I am a whole new person. No longer do I hang on to illusions or rationalize my decisions to stay in situations or relationships that are harmful to me and my livelihood. And if I am in a relationship where this is the case I always have the upper hand. I have been able to break away from false realities put forth by outside forces, leaving them nervous, paranoid, and most important of all, powerless. I have come to a point where I have to be honest not only with others but myself. Only this way will I move forward. I have reached what I call the ultimate business like mind.

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