Thank You Mark Hamilton

Thank-you for spending so much time with me. I really enjoyed the direction in which our learning is heading & your outlook. I know I would be terrific with your new business& continuing with even more mentoring. The development of heading all our outlooks will be fascinating. The newsletters, seeing faces, puts pieces together to envision the knowledge. I was pleasantly surprised & appreciated the quality of work you put into this, this past year. I feel so supported by your group within your company. You’ve had great follow-through & attention to detail. Everyone on your team was a commendable performance. I know these things happen with a great deal of effort & I appreciate all your hard work.    Given the complex of problems, you have a rare & enviable ability to find a simple solution. It’s been delightful when I see the joy in all our eyes light up when we’re sharing & working on new ideas. Thank-you for your enthusiasm you’ve shared with me. You are a great contributor. I hope you & the others will be inspiring me with your innovative thinking, for years to come. I sincerely appreciate your outstanding work in getting this campaign started right.    Unfortunately my finical finances capabilities cannot move forward into your future adventures. It saddens me for to be mentored to greatness is a wonderful way to live. Maybe soon doors will open & I’ll walk through. With all my heart I wish you many wonderful gifts to open. Just by mentoring with you & meeting some of the gang on your news letter is so reassuring of wonderful gifts opening right now.   Of secret members bringing truth to light. I may not yet know how to fit all the wonderful, beautiful pieces together yet, but I have joy, love, wonderful gifts to open, millions of times a day. You’ve started me on this journey many, many thanks. Keep up the good work.   

Donna G.

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