Thank You Mark Hamilton!!!

I have been involved with Neothink Society for 5 years and the Twelve Visions Party now for 2 years and the Neothink Warriors for about a year and half Neothink Business Alliance
for 2 years and have found many great and inspiring educational and knowledgeable good for myself and my family. When I first received a Letter from Mark Hamilton I said
whom is Mark Hamilton? I researched and said to myself wow I need more. I went thru and still am many training sessions and this is releasing my hidden emotional from the heart hurts, agony and feelings about this anti-civilized Rule of man world. As a boy growing up my father whom was a career soldier taught us that men do not cry or show
emotions, true men have to hold their true feelings and not share them or be compassionate. I looked at things in my society as I was growing up and noticed many hungry, homeless people children with sad faces and I can go on and on. I said to myself this America is supposed to be the greatest nation in the world why do we have hungry children, adults, homeless citizens? Yet this great nation gives away money to foreign countrys to help them instead of our own people first. I said enough is enough and someone is out there that has seen or been ruined by this out of control anti-civilized world and
America to bring too us that seek a change, an honest, humble and careing I like too say a modern true Phophet that has been and his family hurt by this anti-civilized world and will lead us to a new non political, a wealth to all including the poor, America where like
recently I have seen in my own real true eyes starving children (please bare with me I am starting to cry right now) families sleeping in gutters along streets, and city governments putting fences up in front of there buildings to keep these people from finding shelter off the streets; I wish I had all the money in the world to help these people our people and citizens, the Creators children. Mark Hamilton and others in the Society have and still do
inspire me to stand up and fight for the good but still have compassion for the  agessors for they have been handeddown from generation to generation these bad skills. Mark Hamilton is always in my heart and I know that it was and still is meant that our paths
were meant to cross for the good of all man kind and this is true for others
in the Society as well. I am now standing up for all even though it is a small way as running for city council in the city I live in and to be elected and to inspire others to make the change and bring this country back to the way our founding fathers visioned
it, no politics, just wealth, health and peace!!!!! Again thank you Mark and others in the society for all you have given all of us and I see soon no more hungry, homeless in America but genius 1s of society springing up to solve all the problems and the whole world a safe,  prosperous and loveing to all men and women in the world.

Humbly submitted

Sanford W. C. III

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