Thank You Mark Hamilton

Thank you Mark Hamilton! Your Heirloom books have been of tremendous benefit to me. They have enlightened me in a myriad of beneficial ways. I am now able to recognize those who truly have my best interests at heart. The information in your literature has helped me to be able to “connect the dots” regarding so many of the basic questions I have always had about our purpose of life here on earth. As a result of my exposure to your writings, I am now a more positive person, with a renewed focus on enjoying life while looking forward to a happy, healthy, and prosperous future.

I really enjoy my association with the like minded people I have discovered as a member of your Neothink Society. I feel the other Neothink Society members I have met are good people. I believe their main purpose is to contribute to making this a better country and world, with happiness for all people their ultimate goal. I always leave our meetings feeling uplifted and better off because of the interchange of thoughts and ideas intended to make our lives better.

I am looking forward to the growth and expansion of the Twelve Visions political Party. We have gotten away from the ideals of our “Founding Fathers” who created the near perfect United States Constitution. The current state of affairs is evidence that it is time to get back to the “Founding Fathers” wonderful plan and guide. Of the existing political parties, I believe only the Twelve Vision Party has the spirit and substance that will get this nation back on track so “We the People” can live the lives we were meant to live!

Thank you,
Bruce A.

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