Thank you Mark Hamilton!

The Neothink Society

I have been searching for something and when I received your first letter, I knew it was not another solicitation for a business financial opportunity that makes big promises they never intended to keep.  I know this from experience.

After receiving and reading the Neothink multigenerational packages my life changed and I had finally discovered the secrets to success. The common sense, logical and scientific principles have helped me tremendously in life.

Most notably, the writings and teachings of Neothink opened up my eyes to the hidden agendas of the government, and no one else seems to care. Because of their death grip on every aspect of our lives, we are held down and kept at near pauper levels by unjust taxation.  Research and advancements in technology are held to a minimum thanks to government intervention.  In a Neothink world our advancements would be unlimited and at very rapid pace.

“The Neothink Package of Miss Annabelle’s Secrets” is a very thought provoking story. The story is how we should now be leading our lives and the only way to avoid a nuclear holocaust, and the reason we need to make lifestyle  changes now.  Thank you Mark Hamilton!

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