Thank you Mark, for opening my eyes to this wonderful world…

As a child growing up in the anti civilization, I always knew there was something “more” out there for me. I was held back from that way of thinking by neighbors, relatives, even teachers and classmates. It seemed that the whole town was against me no matter what I did, good or bad. Now I know the bad was all in their eyes. And my way of survival was the only true way for me to escape the horror story I was living.  When I started receiving letters from the Society, I got a giddy feeling all over in anticipation that someone had found me and knew my plight; could somehow feel my pain. To my amazement their were things that I knew to be true and someone else knew that too. What a relief to know that I can alter and decide my own future and make my own decisions based on reality and truth not on the communication that I need higher authority to guide my life. As that young child I was forced to do the church experience, in which it never made sense to me-so I skipped the sessions I could in search of the fun things that make up life. Now I know these were my values.  In the church you are spoon feed this ridiculous notion that someone out there will take care of your life. I could not figure out why I didn’t get the same message from the same passages. I could not believe their god was speaking only to them, I couldn’t hear a thing. Then I was made to be baptized. I still don’t understand the principle to this day, but here I stand baptized in the name of the lord and my Reverend.

I have since moved past all that and let go of my thoughts and slowed my prayers. The Neothink advantages have been wonderful and I cannot wait to see the ending results so the seeds I am planting today will bear fruit for me tomorrow. The future now looks bright, In fact I need to wear shades to hide my glow. Thank you Mark, for opening my eyes to this wonderful world you hold. I also would like to offer any support I can in the “beheading of the mystics” and the “awakening of the true spirit of Neothink honesty”.

Although I have fallen into a bit of a cash crunch recently, I still am advent to check my email on the library computers in search of your teaching and guidance. I read and reread my manuals, my ”black bible” as my son calls it, in order to integrate any knowledge that I can to overcome my situation. I have faith in the fact that Neothink, all that honesty, will bring me out better that I have ever been before.

Thanks again Mark, and hopefully I will hear from you soon.

P.S. I still don’t know who sent me the initial invitation for these books, but they were right on the money. I love the teachings and will always value this experience.

Christina R. D.

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